Essential Package of Health Services

The EPHS consist of four levels of service delivery: community, primary health unit (PHUs), health centres and referral health centres/hospitals. The EPHS is delivered through 10 health programmes with standardized interventions. The nutrition services are integrated across the programmes.

The EPHS component of SHINE Supply is implemented by locally-operated NGOs:

  • Action Against Hunger (AAH) and its consortium partners implement SHINE Supply in 10 regions in Banadir.
  • Mercy USA implement SHINE Supply in 2 regions in Galgaduud in the Federal Republic of Somalia. 
  • Health Poverty Action (HPA) implements SHINE Supply in 2 regions in Awdal and 2 regions in Togdheer in Somaliland.

5 EPHS core programmes implemented in SHINE Supply:

  1. Maternal, reproductive and neonatal health
  2. Child health
  3. Communicable disease surveillance & control
  4. First aid care of critically ill and injured
  5. Treatment of common illnesses

SHINE Supply supports the implementation of these core programmes in 5 hospitals, 3 referral health centers, 63 health centers, 2 mobile clinics and 49 primary health units across 16 districts of Somalia/Somaliland.