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Health Systems Strengthening

The Government has given the Ministry of Health the mandate to contribute to improving the population’s health by:

  • Providing health sector oversight, e.g. through the development of a regulatory framework and enforcement of Acts passed through Parliament.
  • Ensuring accountability by regularly reviewing whether the health sector has managed its available resources optimally and has responded to health issues raised by communities.

HSS interventions aim to support the Ministries of Health (MoHs) to improve functioning. In consultation with the MoHs, The SHINE Supply programme has prioritised the following areas:

  • Strengthening operational planning: this support aims to ensure that all available resources are aligned with the National Development Plan and address key health priorities.
  • Strengthening coordination mechanisms and structures: ensuring that the MoHs have a clear picture of available resources, ensuring that these resources are not duplicated and that priorities are addressed sufficiently.
  • Strengthening data analysis and use: this support aims to ensure that available health data generates the information that the health sector needs for informed decisionmaking.
  • Strengthening health workforce management: the proposed support aims to standardise job titles and job descriptions of key EPHS staff members and their remuneration.
  • Tailoring and delivering the DHMT training package: the 16 districts supported with SHINE Supply funds will all establish District Health Management Teams. SHINE Supply will develop and deliver a standard training package that captures the key roles and responsibilities of the DHMT members.
  • Strengthening supply chain management: this support aims to fully implement UNICEF’s supply chain management procedures in the 16 SHINE Supply-supported districts at different levels, i.e. at health facilities, at district and regional levels including the warehouses to ensure that the drugs and medical supplies provided to the health sector are well managed.

The HSS component is led by Mott MacDonald in a consortium with:

  • International Procurement Agency (IPA);
  • Charlie Goldsmith Associates (CGA); and
  • Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET)