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Door-to-Door Care for Mothers-to-Be

Maternal health plays a crucial role during pregnancy, after delivery and throughout the child’s development. Through community health workers who do door-to-door sensitisation sessions as part of the SHINE Supply programme, implementing partner Action Against Hunger is able to reach mothers at community level, ensuring that they get the support they need throughout their pregnancy life-cycle, and after.

Single mother of three, Amina Abdirashid, who lives in Hodan District of Banadir Region, is among many mothers in Hodan district who have benefitted from interacting with Community Health Workers (CHWs) in their district. Eight months ago, when Amina got pregnant, her husband left without notice and never returned. Struggling to survive on her own, the support that Amina received from the CHWs served as a critical lifeline.

In one of the routine door-to-door sessions, a CHW noticed pregnancy-related complications and immediately referred Amina to Hodan Health Centre. Anima was diagnosed with Anemia and severe PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). She received treatment and care during her pregnancy and with the support of CHWs in her area, she was able to complete her four antenatal care visits.

After receiving information on the importance of giving birth in a clinic with skilled birth attendants, and the notable importance for a woman with her conditions, Amina delivered her third born child at the health centre, a first time for her. “Giving birth at the health center was such a good experience as I received medical attention and care from the nurses. My baby and I were taken care of and attend to very professionally at no cost”, a cheerful Amina says.

I am grateful for the support the nurses and community health workers in my area have given me to ensure that I carry through such a risky pregnancy well and deliver safely”, says a joyous Amina. Thanks to funds from UK aid, delivered through the SHINE Supply programme, mothers like Amina are able to able to deliver safely and receive optimal care at health centres.

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